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Financial Life Performance™ is a conversational construct that empowers those that enter such a courageous conversation to correct course, modify actions or purify focus so to live a financial life free of concern, crisis, or compromise.


The Financial Life Professional™ leverages LEGACY’s unique and proprietary process to help identify specific financial life breakdowns, allowing clients to produce measurable shifts, distinctions, breakthroughs and even transformations in their relationship with the state and future of their financial life.

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How can a Financial Life Professional™ help you?

  • Self identifying financial goals, ambitions, challenges, crisis and a NEW vision for empowering financial possibilities
  • Creating NEW personal, professional, and purposeful plans for action
  • Identifying and collapsing self limiting belief systems, views, and values
  • Measuring one’s Financial Life Quotient™ and devising a strategy to fill the knowledge gaps and areas for growing concern
  • Completing one’s Financial Life Vault™ getting whole, complete, and organized financially for life
  • Generating a NEW financial life plan to live and realize a Great Financial Life™, one that is whole, complete and performing
  • Getting straight with all stakeholders and advisors about what works and what doesn’t work financially in one's life
  • Defining new partnerships, relationships, and associations to qualified (licensed) advice providers
  • Eliminating low financial tolerances so to generate higher financial performance from people, products, and investments
  • Locating one's self at the source of financial results rather than chasing them
  • Potentially start a NEW business focused on being a contribution, making a difference, and linking pay check to purpose
  • Live, lead and leave a REAL LEGACY.




Need to see some results in your Financial Life? Having someone by your side committed to you and your goals, pushing and guiding you is the key. Take massive action and get started today!


Financial Life Planning

In order to prosper you need a plan. Our financial planning tools will get you back on the path to a Great Financial Life™.


Financial Organization

Everything has a place and everything in its place. Become financially invincible by knowing what you have, where it is and that is safe and ready to action at any moment. Start today!





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Louis Ioannou

“Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.” JIM ROHN

My true purpose is helping others achieve their maximum potential. My passion is building, creating, strategizing and finding solutions. As a child I was always exploring and searching for answers, leading the pack, and being creative. I never took “no” for an answer and I always believed that anything was possible through a little bit of research, trial and error. Not much has changed. I started working with my father at the age of four. I was constantly by his side and learning from him, even when I did not realize that I was. My mentorship in real estate investment unknowingly began at a young age, as I watched my father negotiate deals, purchase property, renovate, and flip his end-product. My schooling, in formal education and the real world, led me into the construction and real estate industries, where I am still flourishing today with a number of businesses.

What keeps you up at night? Work? That bill that you have to pay next? Family politics? Money? These were questions and worries that I faced in the past. As a Financial Life Professional, I can educate you, guide you, and help you to achieve a great financial life through my relationships, processes, and technology. I will strategically align you with service providers that will focus on your specific goals and results. I am able to assist with negotiating through opportunities that you may already have available to you. I can open the door and bring you closer to income generating assets. You will work on processes that identify dangers, opportunities, and strengths. Our processes will also work on financial expansion. We will go through online training and education to bring you closer to obtaining your goals. As we develop your plan together, its important to note that circumstances change, and having the ability to navigate and change course is a major advantage. Flexibility and an open-mind are essential. As a Financial Life Professional, I will not only take you to your destination, but I will help you with all the detours and pit stops along the way. Life happens, it’s a lot more fun when you have planned for it.

My area of expertise is in the Greater Toronto Area. I have completed over $1 billion in construction and development in the province of Ontario over the course of 20 years. I have been able to build a personal million-dollar real estate portfolio in under 10 years. I continue to seek out opportunity and prepare myself for the next win.

Do you need a new perspective? Maybe you want to take action, but do not know how. Financial Life Professionals provide education and guidance for just this purpose. Planning and preparing for what life sends your way, for both those known milestones and those unexpected events: your first home; that income property that you have always wanted; and an investment portfolio that you can count on. What about times of need? Are you prepared for the loss of income in the event of illness or layoffs? What state are you in to emotionally, mentally, and physically to see you and your loved ones through the hard times? What if you could turn any situation into an advantage, by being fully prepared to manage and mitigate the risk and negative impact?

As your Legacy advisor, I can support your preparation, education, goals, and plan so that you are able to take care of all the important things in your world without the fear of failure, without the worry of income, and without the painful repercussions of being unprepared. You will be able to give and share all of those experiences and joys in life that your family deserves, with the confidence of knowing that you have a game plan, that it is working for you, and that you have the ability to pivot when you need to.

If you are prepared to shift your thinking, consider new perspectives, invest in yourself, and put in the time and work needed for your life changes, then I would be honored to support you on your journey. Remember, when you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. Let us plan for success.

When you know, you can act.When you act, you can lead.When you lead, you take control.


Louis Ioannou

+1 647 858 4855


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